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Phyco spectrum is specializing in Algae based Research & projects relating to Industrial Effluents Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Algal Biomass Utilization and CO2 & NOx Mitigation by its Phycoremediation Techniques. R&D Objective
1. to conduct basic and applied research in the field of Algal Technology
2. to impart scientific knowledge in the field of Algal Ecology & Physiology and Algal Biotechnology to Researchers
3. to carry on basic and applied research relating to Industrial Effluents Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, utilization of algal biomass and CO2 & NOx Mitigation.
4. to carry forward the findings of applied research to the benefit of the community

Thrust Areas of Consultancy

  • Phycospectrum  provides consultancy to industries/institutes in the following aspects:
    a. Phycoremediation  Industrial effluent treatment . An effecient micro algae based effluent treatment technology to achieve reduction in BOD, COD, colour reduction, odour removal, pH correction and sludge reduction without using chemicals and a 90% reduction in operating costs and less space requirement. more
    b. Sewage and wastewater treatment. PERC has a collection of robust micro algae suitable for sewage and wastewater treatment and production of valuable biomass and bioenergy. MORE
    c. Flu gas/CO2 mitigation using algal farms/systems. PERC has optimized micro algal cultivation systems for handling flue gas. Pilot scale plants are being installed at several industries in India.
    d.Phycocultivation: Algal farms for biomass generation. Algal biomass is an important resource for biofertilizers, bio-gas, bio-diesel,bio-ethanol, bio-methanol, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutricals, cattle and fish feed etc PERC has developed technology for growing algae in large scale farms.. MORE
  • d. Restoration of polluted lakes, ponda and rivers. PERC has developed a technology and a product called PHYCOPLUS for restoring polluted water bodies successfully with huge save on energy and chemicals
Benefits of Phycoremediation

The following are the benefits of Phycoremediation:
1. Phycoremediation is a cost- effective, ecofriendly and a safe process.
2. The micro algae employed are non-pathogenic photosynthetic organisms and they do not produce any toxic substances.
3. Phycoremediation effectively reduces nutrient load thereby reducing TDS.
4. Phycoremediation reduces sludge formation to a very large extent.
5. Phycoremediation increases dissolved oxygen levels thorough photosynthetic activity.
6. Phycoremediation keeps bacterial population under control.
7. Algal growth in the effluent also removes waste CO2 from air there by contributing to the reduction of green house gases.
8. The algal biomass has high nutrient value and can be suitable as a live feed for aquaculture.
9. The algal biomass could also be used as a Bio-fertilizer and in EM (Effective Microbes) preparations.
10. Conventional chemical treatment of effluents results in concentrating the toxic waste in the form of sludge and requires landfill. Whereas
phycoremediation detoxifies and removes it for ever
11. Minimal odour compared to conventional methods of treatment.
12. Simple operation and maintenance
13. Construction and Operation Costs are typically less than half those of mechanical treatment plants (e.g. activated sludge, sequencing batch
14. Sustainable treatment solution with significant potential for energy and nutrient recovery.



World's First Phycoremediation plant: Dr V Sivasubramanian, has set up the First Phycoremediation plant at SNAP Industry. Algal remediation technology helps in pH correction of the acidic effluent and complete reduction of sludge formation. SNAP is now a zero disposal company. The phycoremediation plant has been in operation from September 2006. The effluent generated by the industry is highly acidic and of very high TDS (40000 mg/L). The entire effluent is evaporated using slope tank with zero sludge formation. The algal biomass produced is used in Biofertilizer preparation and sold by the Company. .......(.more )


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