Organically derived micronutrients and enzymes for restoration of polluted water bodies. Used @ 500 grams per acre (4000 M3) eliminates duckweeds and toxic blooms of cyanobacteria. Improves the quality in terms of dissolved oxygen, reduction in BOD and COD and removal of coli form bacteria and odour and colour. Supports beneficial non bloom forming natural micro green algae and enstabilish the food chain. This product can be dosed for restoring polluted rivers also.


A polluted lake at Mainath UP before and after treatment using PHYCOPLUS in two weeks time


Water analysis of Mainath lake

Industrial waste water treatment

PHYCOPLUS is also effective in treatment of industrial effluents for reducing BOD, COD, colour and sludge. PERC has successfully implemented several projects using PHYCOPLUS n combination with robust micro algae technology

River restoration using PHYCOPLUS


Mausam river at Malegaon before and after treatment using PHYCOPLUS


Each UNIT Contains 10 Billion Green Algae Cells
Dosage: one UNIT/acre monthly once
Usage:   Mix PHYCO FORT with sufficient water and spread evenly all over the                    
pond. Preferably morning times.
PHYCO FORT isRich in Antioxidants, Minerals, Pro-vitamins and other factors          
which are essential for Fish growth.

PHYCO FORT Having high Protein, Carbohydrate and Essential Fatty Acids           
including Omega 3 fatty acid.

PHYCO FORT Improves Immune Systems and Disease resistance in Fish and
other  Aquatic animals



World's First Phycoremediation plant: Dr V Sivasubramanian, has set up the First Phycoremediation plant at SNAP Industry. Algal remediation technology helps in pH correction of the acidic effluent and complete reduction of sludge formation. SNAP is now a zero disposal company. The phycoremediation plant has been in operation from September 2006. The effluent generated by the industry is highly acidic and of very high TDS (40000 mg/L). The entire effluent is evaporated using slope tank with zero sludge formation. The algal biomass produced is used in Biofertilizer preparation and sold by the Company. .......(.more )


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